Online income report July 2012

Hi everyone, I need to say that, my online income was in July growing again! This feels really good especially if I’m thinking about my love to travelling and the sense for responsibility. I really can put those two together. In July I came slowly back to my working after coming back home from work and I took care about all my Pro Blogs, I’ve even made couple new ones. The plan is, of course, build more new blogs in August and there is not much time because end of August we are going to Portugal. Yes another holiday, our second this summer. My colleges already noticed that I’ve been out of the UK few times this year and they still don’t know about the Christmas one (we are actually looking these days for nice place to stay for couple of weeks at the end of this year). And where we’ve already been?

  1. We started this year with new year celebration in Valletta (Malta).
  2. Spend Easter in Dublin (Ireland).
  3. Went for couple of days to Calais (France).
  4. Early summer holiday at Tenerife (Spain).
  5. And this one, late summer holiday in Portugal.

Not bad for working couple, isn’t it?

I’m not trying to impress anyone here and I know about people doing over 20 countries each year, all I want to say is You can do the same. Since I started with online marketing my eyes opened wide to all the new choices we have in our lives, and if I can do this, anyone can. Don’t forget, I’m not native English speaker and I’m pretty sure you can see it in all my posts (and I’m really sorry for my grammar). If I (Johnny Foreigner) can build all my Blogs in English, I’m sure, everyone can.

How To Start Making Passive Income

Back to business. In July I was also looking for some additional ways to make money online. I planned a website for Germany like but instead of this dropshipping was one of the those ideas. Dropshipping is looking good because of one main thing. You don’t have to keep the stock at home, you just get the propagation material (usually photos and some info about the product) and you can start selling. Once somebody buy the product from you, you’ll get  paid, quickly pay to your supplier and he will send the product to your customer. You don’t even have to touch it. Yes, another location independent business. There is, of course, more negatives. You are selling something you didn’t check on your own, the competition is pretty high if you are using popular products or using popular supplier. Anyway, there is lots of learning for me. I just found supplier who not many people know about and put on eBay 20 “Buy it now” products and was hoping for the best. The best result is one sale with price tag just over £75. Minus 10% eBay fees, minus 5% PayPal fees and minus £8 eBay insertion fees for 20 products and finally minus the price I was paying for the product. Net income from only one sale? £21, hooray! I know, I can still go a bit down with the price and try to post more products and I’ll do it. Not this month as I want to concentrate more on blogging but after we come back from Portugal I’ll be probably back in dropshipping. It was new experience and if you’re looking for some way to make cash online, this doesn’t looks bad at all. Yes it’s only £21 in one month but the investment was £8 and there is possibility to scale it and make £80 investment with £210 of profit. The sky’s the limit.

2012 Goals and Resolutions – Spring Update

My online income in July 2012:

Adsense: £ 695

Infolinks: $ 112 (£72)

eBay: £ 21

Other: £ 97

*Expenses: £ 169

Net income: £ 716

£ 716 is 910 Euro and about 1110 US Dollars. YES, over 1000 USD in one month from Adsense (plus eBay).

July online income was again better than last month and I’m so happy to see that the hard work I’ve done few months back was worth. I also promised to myself I’ll be working hard again in August and I’ll try to make another 10 new Pro Blogs. There is lot’s of to do to keep running all of them but I have always a spare few hours each week to make new ones. I don’t want to waste the time in August playing with dropshipping but I’ll definitely try it later.


* I always spend all money from Infolinks and other advertisers and affiliate programs because I get this money to my PayPal account and then use it for outsourcing, new hosting and domains payments. The Adsense income going straight to my business bank account and it just stay there for while. I’m not spending this money back on the business and that’s the reason why it is the Net income. In July I also get £21 from single sale using eBay and Paypal, this money went straight to my business account and I had to add it to the NET income. It’s a profit.

Here is the chart of daily average online income report from the beginning to July 2012

At the beginning of my online money-making journey I was hopping to get £1 per day in average. And also each month increase of £1/day each month. It means: if I do in December 2010 £31 for whole month (£1 per day), in January 2011 I should get £62 (£2 per day), February 2011 £84 (£3 per day), etc. Yes my goal is £1 a day better than last month. Now in July I should be at £21 per day in average. In January I was getting over £20 a day, June £21 and this month was my online business giving me a bit over £23 per day in average. July is actually the best month ever and I’m soo happy with the whole portfolio of blogs and also with the new eBay experience!

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