Online income report August 2012

Hi everyone, I need to say I’m really sorry to write this report so late. There is always so much to do and I prefer to build my business than writing about it and how great it is or would be if I had more time…

There wasn’t only business or my work but as I mentioned before, the second summer holiday we did this year. We went to Portugal and it was awesome. There was a chance to connect to the internet at the hotel but I (first time ever) didn’t take it. I connected only once at restaurant after dinner just to see what the weather in next few days will be and to load new posts to my RSS reader. Nothing else. the real holiday. I didn’t bothered how much money I did in the past week, what website went down, if there is a new comments on my pro blogs… Ignorance is bliss.

I had this plan in the past but there was always something that needed to be done or fixed. Not this time. Do you want to know what I missed?

There wasn’t end of the world, none of my blogs has been hacked, I didn’t get boot from Adsense. Only mirror issues, one of hosting invoice showed as not paid (just matter of few minutes, once I get back to the PC at home, to check the PayPal account and open the ticked with the transaction number) and one VPS showed massive load and the admin took down index page from one blog.

Also there was over 200 new messages in my email, nothing I can’t “fix” in few of days of working.

I already know the plan for next holiday. I’ll be enjoying the time on the beach as I did in Portugal. The only worry will be again just to find the food I want to eat and what will be the adventure for tomorrow. Nothing is more important than our lives. I’m not selling the idea of doing nothing all the time, I’m just trying to tell you that it is nice to build business around but sometimes we all need to relax. Not for one hour or one day, that’s for them who is working 8 hours a day but if you are working the 8 hours and after that trying to build and run a business instead of having a beer or watching a TV, you need a proper break. I had one and now I’m full of energy and new ideas. Try it!

Right, back to the income report.

My online income in August 2012:

Adsense: £ 661

Infolinks: $ 167 (£ 104)

Other: £ 88

*Expenses: £ 192

Net income: £ 661

£ 661 is 828 Euro and about 1060 US Dollars. Second time in the row over 1000 USD in one month from Adsense!

What Is Passive Income?

August online income was a bit less than last month but it’s not that bad at all. I’m happy to see this amount of money coming every single month to my bank account. As opposite to Adsense, my Infolinx income grown quite a lot. It’s because I added new blogs to the Infolinks account and also the traffic of existing Pro Blogs went up a bit.

* I always spend all money from Infolinks and other advertisers and affiliate programs because I get this money to my PayPal account and then use it for outsourcing, new hosting and domains payments. The Adsense income going straight to my business bank account and it just stay there for while. I’m not spending this money back on the business and that’s the reason why it is the Net income.
Here is the chart of daily average online income report from the beginning to August 2012

My online income report from the beginning to August 2012

At the beginning of my online money-making journey I was hopping to get £1 per day in average. And also each month increase of £1/day each month. It means: if I do in December 2010 £31 for whole month (£1 per day), in January 2011 I should get £62 (£2 per day), February 2011 £84 (£3 per day), etc. Yes my goal is £1 a day better than last month. Now in August I should be at £22 per day in average. In January I was getting over £20 a day, July £23 and this month was my online business giving me a bit over £21 per day in average. I know, July average online income was a bit better but I’m happy to be even a bit under the blue line (goal line).

Thank you for reading my blog and online income reports and I hope you are doing even better than me.

3 types of income: Active, Portfolio and Passive Income

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