Monthly income report March 2012

This is scary. It’s already April and the first 90 days of 2012 went so quick. I know, last time I was talking about doing as much work as possible but sometimes we should just stop the work and enjoy the life. The life is just too short and quick. We can’t live the 2011 again, it’s gone and all we have is nice or bad memories. I’m always trying to get as much nice memories as possible for me and my beautiful fiancée. That’s the reason why we are outside on some trip every single weekend and did last year two vacations. Actually we are trying to do even more this year. The first one is Dublin where we will be this Easter. I hope there will be nice weather and we will be able to get some nice memories.

Anyway, back to the Earth and to the monthly income reports. As I told you before, I’m doing each month report of my Adsense and Affiliate income to inspire you and keep you building Pro Blogs even you are not getting the money at this moment. Everything need its time and each Pro Blog need the time to grow and make some money to your pocket. If you are going through this difficult time, please check my report to see where you can be in one year time.

My online income report for March 2012 in numbers:

Adsense: £ 575

Infoliks: $ 260 (£162)

Other: £ 52

*Expenses: £ 214

Net income: £ 575

£ 575 is 690 Euro and about 920 US Dollars.

As you can see, March online income was a bit better then February online income but March was 2 days longer and if you scroll down to see the report of daily average you’ll find out that the March daily income was actually exactly the same as in February.

I’m not exited about it (like over the moon) but definitely not disappointed. Actually, last six months the online income was always about £500 and compare to renting property, you have to own house or flat with price tag £100 000 to get £500 as monthly rent from tenant. And of course, you don’t have many chances to double the income in next six or twelve months. Yes, with building new Pro Blogs you have much bigger chance to get double of that money in one year time.

* I always spend all money from Infolinks and other advertisers and affiliate programs because I get this money to my PayPal account and then use it for outsourcing, new hosting and domains payments. The Adsense income going straight to my business bank account and it just stay there for while. I’m not spending this money back on the business and that’s the reason why it is the Net income.

Chart of daily average income from the beginning

At the beginning of my online money making journey I was hopping to get £1 per day in average. And also each month increase of £1/day each month. It means: if I do in December 2010 £31 for whole month (£1 per day), in January 2011 I should get £62 (£2 per day), February 2011 £84 (£3 per day), etc. Yes my goal is £1 a day better than last month. At this moment I should be at £17 per day in average. In January I was getting over £20 a day, now in March was my online business giving me over £18 per day in average. Actually the same as in February. I hope it will be over £20/day again. I’m not only hoping, I’m working hard to develop more websites which will help to the increase of £1 per day each month.

As you can see, 17th month in row I’m still over the goal I set on the beginning of this money-making online journey.


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